Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A New Day Another Adventure

Most mornings start like this. My eyes open and I’m wide awake and my head full of get up and go for the new day. Since we expanded the shop and decided to re brand to the Rooms there has been a new buzz around the place. Before, we were all cramped up in our tiny shop nothing to inspire the customers. Now however things are so very different because we have placed all our accessories in different rooms. Let me explain. The Prom room with its 7 x 5 ornate mirror is a beautiful private place so parents and daughters can have a bridal experience. This room is all year round we don’t just roll out the frocks once a year like most other suppliers. We have a bridal room. Hundreds of bridal shoes mostly in stock and all the Jewellery any bride could ever want fill this room again giving any Party complete privacy. Each of these rooms looks out onto the Square which is Dalston Villages centre. Also up stairs we have hidden away our mail order department once located at the rear of our tiny shop now has ample space for storage and peace for the many telephone calls received. On the ground floor we have the Shop that houses all the Special Occasion shoes, bags and fascinator’s and jewellery all set in colour matching displays ready to wow our first to last customers of the day.

I know what will happen today in part. Two brides to pick up there dyed shoes,  a fitting for a couple of page boys. Also expecting deliveries from Parodax, lexus and Rainbow .But it’s the unknown that wakes me in the morning and I can’t wait...bring it on.

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