Friday, 3 August 2012

Matching up the Accessories

What I see day in day out, is stressed ladies fed up with trolling round all the different stores in search of their matching Shoes bags and fascinator. What we tell all our customers is to just bring in there outfit and we will do the rest.

 The customer who brings a bag for example to find a matching shoe and fascinator off the shelf and finds what she wants is a very lucky lady indeed .In fact that very rarely happens and they go off on a marathon trek only to end back with us and we end up either ditching the bag and starting again or sending the bag away to be colour matched so we can dye a shoe to create the affect. Anything is achievable and we are happy to assist but this route has been a costly one not to mention the stress and Car parking charges and Fuel.

At our Boutique We have hundreds of shoes with matching bags and fascinators. Bring in your outfit and try on as many combinations as you like. We don’t charge any extra for this service and if you book ahead we will guarantee total privacy in your own space as we do the running round to fit you out.

Only yesterday a customer looking for gold shoes looked stunning in the Nina Electra in Steel Grey. The turnaround in colour decision was because it worked when she saw her completed look and it was better than the safe gold idea. Both would have worked to be fair, but why not look even more fantastic if you can.

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