Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Mother Of The Bride and her Shoes

When I started this Blogging malarkey I thought id be writing mostly about Bridal shoes but has its panned out i seem to writing about Wedding Occasion accessories for everyone else but the Bride. The Thing is at the Wedding Boutique this is our quietest time as regard the selling of Bridal shoes and focus now shifts to Mothers and Guests who leave it far to late. Why? I'm happy to say however, the Occasion footwear has rarely disappointed and we seem to be fitting out everyone without to much toeing and fr owing. The strongest colours are Grey, Navy and Nude with greys becoming Darker and as in a previous post its the Nina Electra in Steel grey that's been a fantastic Seller.
Ill leave you with this picture from The Lexus Range, new in last week and already we are replenishing our stocks. The name of this shoe is Anisha

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