Friday, 10 August 2012

Wedding Shoes for all Occasions

We have talked about Dyeing earlier but i thought id like to add another point. When wanting Shoes to be dyed try to choose from one collection. We had a customer buying shoes from Paradox and Rainbow club for the same Occasion. Although we stressed the importance of the dyeing taking place from one source the Customer chose not to take that advice. When all shoes were back in Store all dyed up they looked fantastic. However put the the two makes together and they were shades apart.

Both Companies had dyed the shoes beautifully but dyeing is a person mixing colours be eye and two people in different locations will not be able to create the same colour exactly. Also fabrics or different between the two companies and so this affects the process also. The other thing to remember is the colour is not as solid as colour fast fabrics, it has a transparency to it and this should be taken on board also.

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