Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wedding shoes or bridal shoe this is the question?

Let’s not get confused here the two are the same or are they?

To me a Wedding shoe is a shoe for a wedding, be it a shoe for the guest or Bride. There we go I've said the word ‘Bride’ and to me that says a shoe for her is a Bridal shoe... I hope at this stage you’re with me in the way I’m thinking. So can anyone tell me why the biggest search words for finding shoes for Brides shoes online is in fact Wedding shoes and not Bridal shoes?  However if you need your shoes dyeing then it’s common knowledge that a bridal shoe can be dyed and so becomes a bridesmaid shoe or mother of the bride shoe or any other guest of the wedding shoe. So this backs up my argument that they are not the same.  So when I’m asked for wedding shoes, I understand that to mean, any shoes suitable for a special Occasion like a wedding covering everyone involved.  A Bridal shoe is a shoe for the special lady herself.

I’m not going to explore Wedding dress or Bridal Dress!

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