Friday, 7 December 2012

Lovely Wedding

In this blog i would like to explore what has inspired me to blog in the first place. In a post I wrote many months a ago now, i pledged i would blog ever day. After about six blogs id run out of things to say.
Then I found polyvore ,my saviour . At Polyvore people all over the world, male, female young and the not so young clip images from the net and already on polyvore and create collages. 
This set I made when again ideas were getting thin on the ground, but you can see the idea of what can be achieved. The idea is to produce something you the beholder would stop a second, and study the picture and perhaps click through and see what the picture is all about.

As time went on and ideas were getting thin on the ground, something really lovely happened , and  it was in the form of other peoples work. What has started to happen is other members of Polyvore have noticed my own sets and taken the products from them or visited my web site and clipped the images and started to make sets like the one below
Lovely Wedding

We are so happy about the above creation that the lady in question has been asked to make some more and i hope you agree that they are beautiful