Thursday, 6 December 2012

Red for a statement

Red is a statement and you will be remembered for being that girl who was all in red that particular night. At the Wedding Boutique we have many dresses and some are absolutely stunning and come in a rainbow of colours,but it is the red dress that screams out in a crowded room that you are there.  No other colour makes that statement like red does for other examples we have…. fast cars, lips, carpet, sofa, hair, shoes, fire engine ,post box, stop lights, warning, print, all these things when red makes you take note and they are red for that reason.
Its true that not everyone can pull off the complete red look, but there’s accessories that will have the same effect like red bag and shoes with the black dress. This is a definite statement that you mean business, so tread with care boys. The black dress on its own doesn’t shout out, it’s the accessories that do the talking and red says it the loudest.

Its becoming the trend now for brides to have her bridal shoes dyed to the colour of the bridesmaids dresses and although you don’t associate the ivory dress with red wedding shoes, it really does work especially when you see the pictures of bride and bridesmaids together. What do you remember? Yes it’s those red shoes.

Whatever the occasion and definitely if it’s a one-time experience, think about the colour red,and if you can incorporate it in your personal look or incorporate it in the style for the event  how.
Thanks for the follow everyone Peter Greenaway  from the wedding Boutique

By Peter Greenaway

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