Saturday, 22 December 2012

Shoe dyeing the facts

I received a call yesterday from a customer. She was in a bit of a panic to say the least, and was upset. The reason for her distress was the colour her shoes that she had received back from Dyeing were apparently the wrong colour. She sent her swatch, which was a pewter colour, and what she was describing on the telephone was a sage green. We have no working days left to Christmas and her function was on the 28th Dec what was going to do, what could anyone do to solve this situation.
All this happened on a phone call at 4.30pm on Friday evening.  That night because we care about our customers and our business, we didn't sleep well and didn't look forward to seeing the customer in the shop today which is Saturday 22nd Dec.
The phone was ringing as we started our daily routine of opening the shop and as you probably have guessed, it was our Customer with the sage green shoes. She started out with an apology and then went on to say that the shoes had changed colour and everything was great this morning.
During the course of the previous evening Julie said, that she thought she knew what the issue could be with the shoes, and because she didn't intercept the original call she didn't get a grip of the situation nor was I privy to the original order as it was placed.
Basically, Shoes are dyed to either daylight or artificial light . This is a very important point to remember when handing over your shoes. Where is the function inside or outside, day or night.
Our customer chose daylight option. She opened up her shoes to see for the first time at night under strip lighting in her kitchen. Under those conditions the shoes looked green and Julie had experienced this once before with a similar colour. When the customer called me this morning it was under no lighting and in front of her window and the match was perfect.
Colour pigments that make up fabric dye will react with ultraviolet light from the sun, even on a cloudy day. Pigments also change under Ultraviolet light sources. We can mix dyes under either condition to ensure a match. The only thing to add is that this only happens to a small amount of colours like grey, when it has a green tinge or black when it has a blue tinge sometimes, but to ensure of the best result think about the occasion you are attending and give as much information to the dye company your using.

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By Peter Greenaway
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