Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Paradise Prom

Among the new arrivals here at The Prom Room at The Wedding Boutique, are several gorgeous dresses from Prom Frocks. It’s almost impossible to choose a favourite one as they are all stunning, but for the window display I have opted for PF9044 in a wonderful shade blue. I love the colour, as well as the shape and style, but it is the elegant strip of shiny satin, flashing down the right thigh and contrasting beautifully with the translucent chiffon that really sets this dress apart.

It has a heart-shaped neckline with an asymmetrical sweep of diamantés across the bust. From the bust down, the chiffon skims the satin, floating over it to the floor. It is delicate and light with an exotic edge: the diamantés dart over the ruched bodice and the chiffon parts where the dress touches the hip. It reminds me of a bird of paradise; the intensity of colour, a flash of feathers, the light catching its wings.

This is the dress of a warm summer’s evening, walking on newly mown grass and hearing the birds sing with unrestrained enthusiasm. This is the dress of a very special evening when your olfactory senses are heightened by the fragrance of flowers in the neatly trimmed borders. This is the dress of a summer’s prom, a wonderful evening full of future memories, and a highlight of happy high school years.

Wherever your prom is being held, take a little bit of paradise with you.

Prom Mum

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