Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Stolen Heart

There’s been a great sense of waiting, of holding breath, of knowing that one day soon…
And at last! My daughter’s school has finally confirmed details of this year’s prom which means that we can get back to choosing her prom frock so, after several Saturdays bereft of visits to The Prom Room here at The Wedding Boutique in Dalston, we were back. Sneaking in early before all the appointments of the day, my daughter got straight down to the serious business of trying (and retrying) dresses. But was it a trying time?
Well, there have been many new frocks arriving into stock since she was last in, so our time was spent with these initially. We loved Gino Cerruti 1300J in a beautiful shade of turquoise; this vibrant colour really suiting her dark hair and pale complexion. The chiffon layers flow from the ruched bust, where a single embellished strap is entwined, before wrapping itself over the shoulder to a chiffon back strap and a low open back is revealed.
There are also several gorgeous new Prom Frocks dresses, including PF9057 which has a detailed diamante trim drawing ruched chiffon in from the sides and over the bust, making it a very flattering style. It’s available in both pale pastel blue and purple.
But it’s interesting how very often we come back to the dress that first grabbed our attention. And that is what happened on Saturday. You see, my daughter’s heart had already been stolen and she’s been nurturing her love for the most gorgeous dress for the past two months. Now her loyalty has been rewarded. For after comparing her first love to all the others, she knew there could be no other. Nothing compares to Gino Cerruti 1360K. And we all want the best for our daughters, don’t we?

Prom Mum
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