Sunday, 10 February 2013

Poorly or Purpley

Poorly or Purpley?
Those that know me well may think me unwell. For several weeks, despite the temptation all around me here at The Prom Room in Dalston, I have not talked of purple. I have not mentioned mauve, pontificated on plum, nor lectured on lilac.
You may be wondering if this is due to some mad New Year’s Resolution, some fever in my brain or some other serious malady. But there is a simple explanation: here at The Wedding Boutique there are so many wonderful styles and colours that I simply cannot ignore them!
Ruby Prom ‘Valentina’ hangs next to the silvers, greys and pewter shades. It is ivory with a touch of black lace, and it is rather lovely!
With a sweetheart neckline on a ruched bodice, the skirt falls away to the floor with a fabulous drape. The ivory fabric is truly sensory, mixing an array of contrasting qualities that make it irresistible to touch. It is translucent and opaque; light and weighty; smooth and textured, and this combination of opposites is heightened by the layering of black lace on ivory.
The lace is sculptured with black beading and it embraces the bodice, curving around the waist on one side and touching the sweetheart neckline on the other. The corset back is laced with fine cord enhancing the delicacy of this dress.
There. I’ve done it. No mention of purple.
But did I tell you that this dress is also available in lilac?

Prom Mum

The Prom Room at The Wedding Boutique, 22 The Square, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7PY