Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Purple Alphabet

It’s just as well that there are nice big windows here at The Wedding Boutique bridal shop Carlisle, in Dalston!
Now that the new Mascara Mother of the Bride Collection has arrived, I have even more wonderful dresses to display. Of course, it wasn’t difficult to choose the first outfit to put in the window: in gorgeous amethyst and lace it is a fabulous combination of colour and fabric. This is Mascara’s MC185070: a lovely dress and bolero jacket that has been attracting the eyes of the passers-by, and it has started me wondering just how many shades of purple there are.

Not that I’m obsessed with the colour, of course. I’ve just had a little look at the colour range we have here, which includes Mascara’s amethyst as well as grape, indigo, iris, lilac, lavender, mauve, mulberry, orchid, plum, quartz, violet and wine! A purple alphabet represented in shoes, bags, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, fascinators, and now Mother of the Bride dresses too!
And the wonderful thing about all these different hues and tones is how they work so well with many other colours. I’ve teamed the Mascara dress with Menbur’s La Tour 04510: beautiful sling back soft suede shoes in nude with a leather heel and platform. They have super soft leather flowers embellishing the fronts by the peep toe, which really compliment the flowers in the lace of the dress. There’s a matching suede bag too, with a lovely diamante trim. Perfect partners for purple!
So, there’s really no need to go through the whole alphabet in your search for a wedding or special occasion outfit: pause at P for purple before going straight to W for the Wedding Boutique!

Prom Mum
The Wedding Boutique Bridal shop Carlilse, 22 The Square, Dalston,CA5 7PY