Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Feeling Giddy!

Feeling Giddy!
Do you know that giddy, excited feeling you get when a great big parcel arrives at your door, when your curiosity is fully charged and your mind is imagining all sorts of wonderful surprises inside? Even when you know it must be something you’re expecting?
That’s what it feels like here at The Wedding Boutique every time I see the courier van draw up outside, the side door sliding open and the driver arriving armed with packages for the shop. We had an exceptionally large box delivered today and my mind was buzzing, wondering what could be inside. Shoes? Tiaras? Fascinators? Then I remembered: New Prom Dresses!
Oh, it’s lovely watching these gorgeous dresses emerge from the box, catching flashes of colour and beading through their protective packaging. Who would think that a dull corrugated cardboard carton could hide such colour and vibrancy, like a rainbow trapped in a hidden cave.
Well, our rainbow is truly complete in The Prom Room in Dalston, with the arrival of the loveliest lemon yellow dress. Prom Frocks PF9053 is one of the prettiest chiffon styles, with a sweetheart neckline, delicate diamante trim at the bust, and the chiffon falling away from under the bust in floaty layers. It’s a burst of sunshine: badly needed in all the recent cold weather!
And now that this gorgeous dress is in the window, its brightness and life seem to have affected the weather! Along with a cheery and bright window, we have some warmth in the spring sunshine at last. That’s enough to make me feel giddy all over again!

Prom Mum
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